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The American Eagle Reserve is happy to buy your rare gold or silver coins and precious metal bullion items.

Local Customers (Must have an appointment)

If you are in the Port Arthur or surrounding areas, call 1-877-227-2646 and set up an appointment with our Rare Coin and Precious Metals expert.

National Clients

If you are unable to come by our offices, you can call 1-877-227-2646 and ask to speak to our purchasing department.

If you want our expert to contact you, simply fill out our online form.

Email and Phone number are both required to insure that we can contact you swiftly and take care of your inquiry in a timely manner. Thank you!

Aerlooms – Your Trusted Rare Coin Dealer

We buy gold, silver and platinum of all kinds. At Aerlooms we will never offer to pay you with a post dated check. There are a few things you should know, as a consumer, about accepting post-dated checks. If you accept a post-dated check, and the check is returned NSF, you have very little recourse. Because the check was post dated, it is not “payable on demand” and is not protected by trade laws. Of course you may file a civil action, but that can be very costly and time consuming.

Cash for Gold Coins Port Arthur, Getting The Most Cash

A word of caution to consumers calling the various gold coin buyers in the Port Arthur and Beaumont areas; just because a gold company is quoting you a high price to buy coins does not necessarily mean that you will get the most cash for gold coins or silver coins at that location. There are many common methods to deceive customers into believing they are getting the best price for their gold. Make sure you deal with a trusted, national coin dealer.

The Best Place To Sell Silver Coins In Port Arthur

While silver coins are not nearly as valuable as gold coins, you will still find liquidity in silver. From 90% Silver coins to silver jewelry, silver flatware and silver trays, tea sets and cups are great sources of liquidity. Because of the high market price of silver most silver items are valued at the prices of silver that day. However, you need a carefully trained and knowledgeable person to determine if the silver you are selling has value beyond the current price. Cost mistakes are made when the untrained eye purchases items at silver value when in fact they are worth much more. If you are considering selling silver in Port Arthur or surrounding areas, let our experts at Aerlooms make an accurate appraisal.

Where To Sell Gold Bullion In Port Arthur

The price for gold Bullion in Port Arthur can vary widely. A high percentage of our customers are surprised by the value of their gold or silver bullion. At Aerlooms you will never be asked questions such as “How much do you want?” or “How much are you looking to get?”. These are common tactics used by companies that are trying to pay the least amount possible to people looking to sell gold bullion in Port Arthur. Aerlooms you will find that we are continually striving to pay the highest cash prices for gold and silver bullion in Port Arthur.