1995-W Silver Eagle Proof - The King of Silver Eagles

Produced by the United States Mint to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Silver Eagle Program, the 1995-W $1 coin has the lowest mintage in the entire Silver Eagle Proof Series.

The 1995-W $1 Silver Eagle Proof was featured in a special 10th Anniversary five-piece coin set. The set contains the $5, $10, $25, and $50 Gold Eagle Proof coins from 1995 along with the newly-introduced 1995-W Silver Eagle Proof coin. This unique five-coin set cost $999 in 1995. This gave purchasers a net cost of roughly $200 for the single 1995-W Silver Eagle Proof coin, nearly seven times that of the 1995-P Silver Eagle Proof at $23 each. Although considered expensive at the time, collectors who purchased the 1995-W $1 Silver Eagle Proof have definitely reaped the benefits since.

The 1995-W $1 Silver Eagle Proof (with its extremely low mintage of only 30,125) is considered the “King” of the entire Silver American Eagle Series and is highly prized by discerning coin collectors. In fact, the 1995-W $1 Silver Eagle Proof has quickly surpassed the value of every individual coin in the 1995 10th Anniversary Set and now exceeds the combined total of all of the Gold Eagle Proofs from 1995. In March of 2013, a PCGS Proof 70 Deep Cameo Example brought $86,654.70 at auction. This amount completely abolished the previous record for a Silver Eagle of $40,000 set in a 2010 Auction. It was one of only eight 1995-W Silver Eagle Proofs to be assigned a Proof 70 Deep Cameo grade by PCGS.

Though a 30,000+ coin mintage is not considered “rare” by a collector’s standards, the 1995-W $1 Silver Eagle Proof is 12 times rarer than the next closest Silver Eagle Proof. Factoring in its immense popularity, it is definitely the key coin in the series and an exceptional modern coin for any collector.