Today, New Orleans is known for its food, music, and architecture; however, in the 19th and early 20th century, New Orleans was also an economic powerhouse.

1800's New Orleans

In the mid 1800s, New Orleans was the fifth largest city in the nation, its port was the third most active, and it was the center of trade for the South. Additionally in 1835, New Orleans was chosen by the United States government as home of one of the first branch mints to help service the need of local merchants. As is typical for branch mints, the New Orleans Mint facility struck far fewer coins than the main mint in Philadelphia.

New Orleans Mint

Today, this makes New Orleans’ minted gold coins dramatically scarcer than their Philadelphia counterparts. In fact, the main mint in Philadelphia struck over 56,000,000 $5 and $10 gold coins and the New Orleans mint produced just 2,351,987 during its years of operation. This means the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia struck twenty-three times (23x) more $5 and $10 gold coins than the U.S. Mint at New Orleans.

New Orleans Minted Gold Example

Also consider that, due to the lack of interest in coin collecting during the New Orleans Mint’s existence, many of the coins were quickly put into circulation and very few were saved. The survival rate of the $5 and $10 gold coins struck at the New Orleans Mint is a mere 1-to-2 percent and are considered some of the most rare United States gold issues.

1800's New Orleans

Despite the wide differences in mintages, many New Orleans minted $5 and $10 gold coins appear to be dramatically undervalued.

1800's New Orleans

Take as an example, an 1895-O $10 gold coin in MS61 grade. Its total combined NGC and PCGS population in M61 grade is 282 coins. The most common $10 gold coin, the 1894, has a population of over 18,000 coins in the same grade. Such a dramatic difference in rarity would suggest a dramatic price difference as well.

1895-O $10 Gold Liberty in MS61

However in all actuality, the 1895-O $10 gold coin, trades at less than double the price despite being sixty-seven times (67x) more rare. There are several more $5 and $10 gold coins from the New Orleans mint that fall in this exact same category. Many of the New Orleans gold coins we recommend are over thirty times (30x) more rare for less than double the price of a common date.

New Orleans Mint Coin Sorting

It is important to understand that coins with this kind of superb ratio seldom stay undervalued for long. Since September of 2014, The American Eagle Reserve has focused its efforts on locating undervalued New Orleans minted issues, and in some cases coin prices have risen as much as twenty (20) percent.

New Orleans Mint Adjusting Department

To learn more about New Orleans minted gold coins, request your free copy of our New Orleans Gold Collector Advisory. If you have not acquired any New Orleans Gold and are looking for a place to start, we recommend the 1903-O $10 Gold Liberty.

Its an affordable coin, even in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, and compared to common date $10 Gold Liberties from the Philadelphia Mint it is extremely scarce.

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