In 1986, 53 years after President Roosevelt prohibited Americans from private gold ownership, the United States Mint began striking the very first Gold American Eagles. Today, the Gold American Eagle is the most widely collected and most popular investment gold coin in the United States. In fact, studies estimate that more than 95% of individuals who own gold in the United States own at least one Gold American Eagle.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Each year the United States Mint makes two different versions of the Gold American Eagle. The standard Mint State version, or “Business Strike,” made for general bullion circulation and a specially struck “Proof” version made specifically for collectors and investors.

Proof Gold Eagles

Proof Gold Eagles undergo a specialized minting process in which burnished gold coin blanks are individually hand-fed into special coin presses fitted with highly polished dies. Each blank is then struck multiple times. This multiple-strike process is what gives the Gold Proof coins their exquisite detail and mirror-like appearance. Typically, the Proof Gold American Eagles are produced in substantially fewer quantities than their Mint State counterparts. The Proof version is immensely popular due to its intrinsic beauty, solid gold content, and limited production. 

Because of their relatively low supply and flawless finish, Proof Gold Eagles certified in perfect Proof 70 grade are the most popular among Proof Gold Eagle collectors and investors.

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