The Last $10 Gold Coin Struck At The New Orleans Mint!

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The 1906-O eagle is the last $10 gold coin ever struck

This date is much more scarce than many individuals, including dealers, realize. In fact, it is actually the scarcest 20th century $10 gold coin struck at the New Orleans Mint.

As a company we have very few opportunities to purchase 1906-O $10 gold pieces, even in lower grades. When we are fortunate enough to locate one, it typically sells very quickly.

It’s been since June of 2016 since a MS-61 example was seen in a public auction!

The 1906-O has an original mintage of 86,895 coins and only 709 are known today in all grades. In MS61 NGC and PCGS have certified a combined total of just 155 coins.

This NGC MS-61 example is the first 1906-O $10 gold coin we have had in months!

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