Take Advantage of a Sleeping Market!

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Gold American Eagle Proof coins are at the lowest premiums we have seen in years! Savvy collectors, investors, and dealers are taking advantage of this market and purchasing these type of coins at a significant discount. If history teaches us anything, it is that this buying opportunity will not last long as the Gold American Eagle Proof coins are extremely popular and hardly ever trade at a discount.

I believe we are at the beginning stages of a new bull market in gold prices. It is in my opinion that once gold breaks the $1,400 level, it will quickly rise to the $1,500 to $1,550 range. As gold surges, more and more gold buyers and collectors enter the market. With Gold American Eagle coins being the most popular, open market supplies will start to shrink, and that's when I believe we will see prices moving back up to normal levels. However, as of now, the Proof Gold American Eagle coins, especially those in perfect Proof 70 grade, remain incredibly undervalued.

In particular, the first six years of the Proof Gold American Eagle program are always the most popular years in the series as they are the only Gold American Eagle Proofs where the dates are displayed in Roman Numerals instead of the Arabic dating style you see today.

Right now, perfect Proof 70 Roman Numeral Gold Eagles are a steal! Ultra rare issues like the 1990-P $25 Gold Eagle in Proof 70 are very affordable, and in the opinion of many modern coin experts, extremely undervalued. A collector can put together a nice set of Proof Roman Numeral Gold Eagles even on a limited budget. It is a buyers market, and collectors should take advantage of it while they can.

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