Proof 70 American Gold Buffalo

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In 2006, the United States Mint introduced its first ever 24 karat .9999 fine gold coin, the Gold American Buffalo. Each year the United States Mint produces these highly popular coins in circulating bullion versions and a limited number of Proof versions of this classic design. The Gold American Buffalos have a face value of $50 and contain 1oz of pure 24 karat gold. However, in 2008, the United States Mint did issue Buffalos in 4 sizes, including the $50 one-ounce, the $25 half-ounce, the $10 quarter-ounce and the $5 one-tenth ounce.

Proof coins are struck in limited quantities exclusively at the West Point Mint and offer a higher level of detail as well as a brilliant mirror-like finish suitable for any U.S. gold collection. Only a tiny percentage of the Proof Gold American Buffalos struck achieve a perfect Proof 70 grade. 

Certified Proof 70 Gold American Buffalos are the preferred choice for both collectors and investors of American gold coins. Not just because of their beautiful finish and classic design, but their flawless condition and rarity make them some of the more desirable gold coins in the marketplace. Furthermore, since they are valued for their rarity, not their weight, they are not subject to the ups and downs of the commodities market which has made their value more stable over time.

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