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Press Release May 14, 2018

Finest Surviving Morgan Dollar Example Just Acquired

PORT ARTHUR, Texas (May 14,2018) --- Aerlooms, a leading dealer in rare United States issued coins, announced the acquisition of an 1881-S (San Francisco) Morgan Dollar certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in near flawless Mint-State (MS) 69 condition. This is a significant acquisition as this is one of the finest surviving Morgan Silver Dollar examples known.

Rare coins are certified on a scale from 1 to 70, with 70 being reserved for only absolutely flawless coins. Very few pre 1933 era coins ever achieve the status of MS-69 grade and no pre 1933 era coin has ever achieved a perfect 70 grade.

“This coin is virtually in the exact same condition as the moment it came off the coin press in San Francisco in 1881” Aerlooms Vice President and Numismatic Director said.“There is no way this coin ever saw circulation. This coin was somehow set aside and passed down from generation to generation completely unscathed. It truly is a remarkable piece.”

In 1881, the San Francisco Mint struck more than 12 million Morgan silver dollars and this example is the only one ever graded by NGC in MS-69 grade.

This coin is now a key piece in The Cherry Villa Collection, a prestigious collection of Morgan silver dollars assembled by a long-standing client of Aerlooms.

Aerlooms has been a leading national dealer in rare U.S. gold and silver coins since 2003. For additional information visit or call 1-877-227-2646.

Jordan Gonzales | Marketing Director


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