Congratulations to the ELLE COLLECTION!

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Congratulations to the ELLE COLLECTION on adding this superb Type 1 No Motto New Orleans Gold Eagle!

1844-O $10 Gold Liberty AU 53 A+
Mintage: 118,700
Population (all grades): 593
Population AU53: 80

In 1844, the New Orleans Mint struck 118,700 $10 gold coins, and today just 593 coins have been certified in all grades. That's just one-half of one-percent of the original mintage that is known to have survived.

In AU53 grade, NGC and PCGS combined have certified just 80 coins. 1844-O eagles are typically found in Very Fine to Extra Fine grades. In About Uncirculated, this date is quite scarce.

Most 1844-O eagles are found with heavily abraded surfaces. However, this example is a premium quality example with very clean surfaces.

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