Building Legacies: The Orion Collection

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The Orion Collection is a well put together collection of New Orleans eagles. Assembling a complete set of New Orleans eagles is not an easy task, and very few collectors can say they have accomplished such a feat. The challenge many collectors face is that many New Orleans issues have extremely low survival rates. Issues like the rare 1883-O, where there are only about 40 to 50 coins known in all grades are very difficult for collectors to locate.

The Orion Collection, however, also features a few Proof-Like coins that are very elusive and many collectors are unaware that such coins even exist.

So what exactly is a Proof-Like coin?

Business strike gold coins are usually frosty or satiny in texture. Occasionally a group of coins are struck from newly-polished dies, and they show reflective surfaces. These coins are termed as Proof-Like coins by collectors. Proof-Like New Orleans eagles are extremely rare and are highly desirable coins.

The Orion Collection recently acquired a rare 1894-O $10 Gold Liberty in certified AU58 PL (Proof-Like). Its actually the collections third Proof-Like New Orleans eagle.

Of the 107,500 coins originally struck in 1894, only twelve coins have been designated as having proof-like surfaces. In AU58 PL there are just two coins known.

Proof-Like New Orleans eagles don't become available often and when they do they are normally snatched up by eager collectors. In fact, this was the first 1894-O Proof-Like eagle to become available since one crossed the auction block in late 2009. Coins like this can set a collection apart and make the entire collection more desirable. The Orion Collection is a collection that will always be known as a collection of quality.

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