Building Legacies: The Cherry Villa Collection

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The Cherry Villa collection is a masterful collection centered around the always popular Morgan Silver Dollar. Although this collection consists of other U.S. coin series, the main focus, and passion for the collector who has built this important collection is the Morgan Silver Dollar series.

Every Morgan Silver Dollar in this collection was hand-selected for its premium eye-appeal. The Cherry Villa is a collection that emphasizes quality. Even the common date Morgan Dollars in this collection are uncommonly choice for the grade.

Just like every great collection, this collection has something a little extra that makes it stand out.

One of the cornerstone pieces to the Cherry Villa's Morgan Dollar collection is a rare 1879 Morgan Half Dollar, which is certified by PCGS in Proof 65 Cameo.

The Morgan Dollar is one of the most revered and vastly collected coins ever struck, yet even with the droves of active collectors in this series, very few have ever heard of the Morgan Half Dollar.

For Morgan Dollar specialists, obtaining the design type in a Half Dollar is a considerable prize.

Only ten are believed known to exist in all grades combined, and this is among the nicest we've ever seen. Gorgeous blue and purple iridescent toning evenly grace both sides of the coin.

Having this rare Morgan Half Dollar makes the Cherry Villa collection one of the most unique and desirable collections of Morgan Dollars assembled.

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