Affordable Yet Scarce New Orleans Half Eagle

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The New Orleans Mint struck two different types of $5 gold coins with the Liberty Head design during the 1800s.

The first and most popular are the ones struck before the Civil War that do not have the Motto "IN GOD WE TRUST."

In total, the New Orleans Mint struck $5 Gold Liberties without the Motto for just 12 years.

It is important for collectors to understand that 99.5% of the original $5 gold coins minted at New Orleans have been lost, damaged, or melted down. This makes the few that have survived extremely scarce.

Take for instance this beautiful 1844-O $5 Gold Liberty certified About Uncirculated AU53 by PCGS.

In 1844, the New Orleans Mint struck 364,600 coins. However, just under 1,100 coins are known today in all grades. That means that just about one-third of one-percent of the original mintage is known to have survived today. In AU53 grade there are just 122 coins known between the two major grading services.

No Motto $5 Gold Liberties from the New Orleans Mint are tough to find in About Uncirculated grades, especially at this very affordable price point.

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