1879-O $10 Gold Liberty Population Report

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Mintage: 1,500

Total Population: 89

Smithsonian Example: AU55

Overall Rarity Rank: 2nd

Production of Eagles ended at the New Orleans Mint in 1860 and did not resume until 1879. In 1879, only three denominations of coins were struck, silver dollars, Eagles, and Double Eagles. The 1879-O Eagle is an extremely popular issue with collectors because it is the first New Orleans Eagle struck with the motto “In God We Trust”. Only 1,500 Eagles were struck at the New Orleans Mint in 1879 and less than 100 coins are known today. When available, the 1879-O is normally seen in AU50 to AU55 condition. Population reports show just 14 AU58 examples, however I believe that number is inflated due to resubmissions. There are only 3 coins known in Uncirculated grade, a NGC MS60, a NGC MS61, and a PCGS MS61.

PCGS MS61 Example of the 1879-O $10 Gold Liberty

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