$10 Liberty Gold in MS64

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$10 Liberty gold coins in near-gem Mint State 64 condition are one of the best gold buys on the market right now. Not only do these coins have a large gold content, but the $10 Liberty gold coins are genuinely scarce in this high of a grade. With the extremely low premiums right now they are truly one of the best values in classic gold coins. Even the famous numismatist and co-founder of PCGS David Hall has said: "It’s almost like going out on the street and getting free gold.”

If you look at combined population reports from NGC and PCGS only about one-half of a percent of all the $10 Liberty gold coins struck, have survived in near-gem Mint State 64 condition. Because these coins are so scarce, prices in a typical bull market, when demand for gold is high, are much higher.

Twice since 2008, $10 Liberty Head gold coins in this grade have traded for more than $2,900. In near-gem Mint State 64 condition, these coins have tremendous upside potential.

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