US Mint
Original Government Issue
Mintage Period
Obv. Adolph A. Weinman Rev. John Mercanti
40.6 mm
Legal Tender
Total Weight
31.103 g

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    2019 Brilliant Uncriculated 1-ounce Silver American Eagle hand-selected for its premium quality. Bullion strike Silver American Eagles are produced in mass quantities and are not treated with the same quality of care as their Proof counter parts. A large number of the Silver American Eagles found in the open market are sub-par quality coins. Many have yellow hazing or milky white spots and some even have what are called bag marks (dings in the coins surfaces) from hitting against other coins in the roll. This can significantly hurt the coins resell value.

    Even if you are a pure investor just looking to buy silver, you still want to own premium quality silver coins. When you, or your heirs, decide to sell your Silver American Eagles most dealers will pay significantly less than spot price of silver for coins with milk spots or hazing. On the other hand, dealers often pay a premium over the spot price of silver for what us dealers call "Retail Friendly" coins.

    To ensure that our Silver American Eagle coins arrive to you in pristine condition, we place all coins in secure hard plastic airtight holders. Not the flimsy soft plastic slips most dealers use. If you order in quantities of 20 coins, we will ship your order in the original sealed U.S. Treasury roll. This ensures your coins will be in "Mint Fresh" condition.

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