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1986 Silver American Eagle
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The Silver American Eagle is arguably the most widely collected silver coin in the world, and this is the coin that the Silver American Eagle legacy was built on. The 1986 Silver American Eagle is the first ever pure silver coin struck by the United States Mint. Ask any coin collector or numismatic scholar, first year issue coins are always highly desirable and are the coins that both collectors and investors seek to own!Each 1986 Silver American Eagle is struck in 99.9% pure silver and...

1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof 69
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NGC PRICE GUIDE $4,500The 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle is the king of the Silver Eagle series and one of the most coveted and important of all modern U.S. coins. It’s a coin that is always in high demand and premium quality examples (coins without spots and toning) can be very elusive. Even after months of extensive searching we were only able to locate a very small quantity of premium quality examples that meet or surpassed our stringent standards. Don't be fooled by cheaper 1995-W Silver Eagles...

American Silver Eagle
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Item #: ASE1OZ2018 -

2018 Brilliant Uncriculated 1-ounce Silver American Eagle hand-selected for its premium quality. Bullion strike Silver American Eagles are produced in mass quantities and are not treated with the same quality of care as their Proof counter parts. A large number of the Silver American Eagles found in the open market are sub-par quality coins. Many have yellow hazing or milky white spots and some even have what are called bag marks (dings in the coins surfaces) from hitting against other coins...