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1 Pound of Silver
Price: $405.00
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1 Pound Silver Bag Comes packaged in a Luxurious Velvet Bag90% Silver Circulated in the United States for nearly 175 YearsAll Coins are Dated 1964 or Earlier All Bags guaranteed to come with at least: 1 Morgan Silver Dollar, 1 Franklin Half Dollar, 1 Standing Liberty Quarter ...

Peace Dollar Hoard
Price: $19.50
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LIMITED SUPPLY - Hoard of 5,000 Coins Orders of 6 or More Ship FREE Designed to commemorate peace in the world after World War I, the Peace Dollar is a valued coin in any collection. The design for this historic coin, designed by Anthony De Francisci, was selected by a committee after a nationwide competition. Aerlooms has come across a limited supply of these Peace Dollars in Circulated Condition. This group of 5,000 coins is a great value for collectors, at a very affordable price. ...

(Hand-Selected) Morgan Silver Dollar BU
Price: $55.00
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Orders of Two or More Ship FREE! The Best of The Best, hand-selected Morgan Silver Dollars! We just brought in an incredibly beautiful group of true Brilliant Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars, not the "Commercial Uncirculated" coins you often see offered. Every coin is blast white and true choice quality. ...

American Silver Eagle
Price: $20.52
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Item #: ASE1OZ2019 -

IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!2019 Brilliant Uncriculated 1-ounce Silver American Eagle hand-selected for its premium quality. Bullion strike Silver American Eagles are produced in mass quantities and are not treated with the same quality of care as their Proof counter parts. A large number of the Silver American Eagles found in the open market are sub-par quality coins. Many have yellow hazing or milky white spots and some even have what are called bag marks (dings in the coins surfaces) from...

Peace Silver Dollar BU
Price: $30.60
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Item #: PSDBU -

Designed by Anthony de Francisci, the Silver Peace Dollar is one of the most recognizable and sought after American Silver Coins. These coins were made to memorialize the peace following World War I.

Chinese Silver Panda
Price: $24.13
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Item #: 30GRSPA19 -

2019 Chinese Silver Panda - 30 grams of .999 fine silver This coin is a valued piece for any collector, known for it's beautiful designs depicting the Chinese national symbol - the Panda. The Panda design changes every year, making them particularly sought after as a collectors item. 2019 Coin Depiction: Obverse - Depiction of the Temple of Heaven in the center with Chinese characters on top saying the People's Republic of China and the bottom shows the year of issue. Reverse - The 2019...

Canadian Silver Maple
Price: $19.97
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Item #: CSM1OZ2019 -

The latest edition of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin has two impressive security features. Both the obverse and reverse display micro-engraved radial lines, which make the coin extremely lustrous and virtually impossible to counterfeit. For added security, each 2017 Maple has a micro-engraved laser mark. The net result is a coin that is both beautiful and among the most secure in the bullion marketplace.

1986 Silver American Eagle
Price: $69.00
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The Silver American Eagle is arguably the most widely collected silver coin in the world, and this is the coin that the Silver American Eagle legacy was built on. The 1986 Silver American Eagle is the first ever pure silver coin struck by the United States Mint. Ask any coin collector or numismatic scholar, first year issue coins are always highly desirable and are the coins that both collectors and investors seek to own!Each 1986 Silver American Eagle is struck in 99.9% pure silver and...

2019-W 1oz Silver American Eagle PF70
Price: $240.00
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Item #: AS119WPF70 -

The most elusive signature coin in NGC's Signature Series. Low minted 2019 West Point Proof Silver in perfect 70 grade. Signed by the 42nd U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral.

2019-P 5 oz Apollo 11 50th Ann Proof Silver $1 NGC PF70 ER
Retail: $1,149.00
Price: $895.00
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Item #: CH19PF70AC -

Only 2 Left - Order NOW 2019 5oz Silver Apollo 11 50th Anniversary NGC PROOF 70 Early Releases in the LIMITED EDITION Black Core holder signed by former U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral. The FIRST 5oz $1 Silver Commemorative EVER STRUCK! These coins went on back-order at the US Mint in a matter of minutes! Hand-signed by former U.S. Treasurer of the United States Anna Cabral. She is the newest signer for the NGC Signature Series program and is the highest appointed official to ever sign...