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American Silver Eagle
Price: $19.15
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Item #: ASE1OZ2019 -

IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!2019 Brilliant Uncriculated 1-ounce Silver American Eagle hand-selected for its premium quality. Bullion strike Silver American Eagles are produced in mass quantities and are not treated with the same quality of care as their Proof counter parts. A large number of the Silver American Eagles found in the open market are sub-par quality coins. Many have yellow hazing or milky white spots and some even have what are called bag marks (dings in the coins surfaces) from...

$2.50 Indian Head Gold XF
Price: $295.00
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Indian Head Quarter Eagles were struck in limited quantities between 1908 and 1929. They are one of only two coins in American history ever struck with the unique incuse (sunken) design and are extremely popular with U.S. gold coin collectors and investors. Maximum 10 coins per household at this advertised price.

$5 Gold Liberty XF
Price: $375.00
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$5 Gold Liberty in Extra Fine Condition. Dates of our choice between 1866 -1907. Strict ten (10) coin per household limit at this special advertised price.

1899 $1 Silver Certificate
Price: $285.00
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This large size 1899 Silver Certificate in Extra-Fine condition is a must have find for any collect of vintage pieces. This popular note features the fabulous black eagle against the Washing, D.C. skyline. This famous banknote was one of the last large size $1 banknotes and disappeared from circulation long ago, making it a classic of American paper money history.

1899-O $10 Gold Liberty
Price: $1,600.00
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Mintage of only 37,047 and only around 500 coins known today in all grades!The 1899-O $10 Gold Liberty is one of my favorite gold liberties struck at the New Orleans Mint. It's a turn of century coin that is extremely scarce. In fact, its the scarcest post-1883 New Orleans Eagle issue as only 37,047 coins were originally struck and just over 500 coins are known to have survived today in all grades.Most collectors of New Orleans Eagles start by putting together what is known as a "Short Set" of...

1914-S $20 Gold Saint Gaudens
Price: $1,650.00
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In 1914, the San Francisco Mint struck close to 1.5 million $20 gold pieces and most have been lost to circulation or bullion melts. Today, only a small percentage -- about 1% -- are known to have survived in Choice MS 63 grade.This makes the 1914-S $20 Saint more than 13 times rarer than a common date $20 Saint in MS 63 grade. However, this particular coin can be acquired today at the exact same price as the most common date saint in MS 63 grade!This is a no brainer for any astute gold coin...

American Gold Eagle
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$1 over dealer cost. Limit 10 per household at this introductory price.