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American Silver Eagle
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IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!2019 Brilliant Uncriculated 1-ounce Silver American Eagle hand-selected for its premium quality. Bullion strike Silver American Eagles are produced in mass quantities and are not treated with the same quality of care as their Proof counter parts. A large number of the Silver American Eagles found in the open market are sub-par quality coins. Many have yellow hazing or milky white spots and some even have what are called bag marks (dings in the coins surfaces) from...

2019 1oz Silver American Eagle MS70
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Orders of Two or More Ship FREE! 2019 1-oz Silver American Eagle MS 70 A. Cabral LIMITED EDITION - U.S. Treasurer Series These just released 2019 1-ounce Silver American Eagle coins are certified in flawless Mint State 70 condition by NGC, the highest grade a coin can achieve! The U.S. Government produces millions of Silver American Eagles each year, however only a small percentage are certified in a absolute flawless 70 grade. Only coins that do not have any imperfections at 5x magnification...

2019-W 1oz Silver American Eagle PF70
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The most elusive signature coin in NGC's Signature Series. Low minted 2019 West Point Proof Silver in perfect 70 grade. Signed by the 42nd U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral.

$2.50 Indian Head Gold XF
Price: $295.00
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Indian Head Quarter Eagles were struck in limited quantities between 1908 and 1929. They are one of only two coins in American history ever struck with the unique incuse (sunken) design and are extremely popular with U.S. gold coin collectors and investors. Maximum 10 coins per household at this advertised price.

1987 P/W Gold Eagle 2-coin Set PF70
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1987 P/W Gold Eagle 2-coin Set PF70 Ultra Cameo Authentic Signature / Anna Cabral This set includes: 1987-P $25 Gold Eagle Proof 70 (A. Cabral)1987-W $50 Gold Eagle Proof 70 (A. Cabral) This set features the FIRST EVER $25 Proof Gold American Eagle Ever Struck and is ONE of only SIX years the U.S. Mint struck Proof Gold American Eagles with roman numeral dating. Each coin is certified by NGC in flawless PF-70 Ultra Cameo, the highest grade a coin can achieve, and each certification label has...

2006-W $50 American Gold Buffalo PF70
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2006-W $50 Gold Buffalo NGC Proof 70 (A. Cabral) Call For Price POP of only 2 coins in perfect PF 70 Ultra Cameo bearing the Authentic Signature of Anna Cabral ! America's First 24k Gold Coin in perfect PF 70 Ultra CameoSigned by Former US Treasurer Anna Cabral --- POP 2With direct oversight of the U.S. Mint in 2006, Anna Cabral played a key role in bringing America its first 24 karat gold coin.This coin's reflective, mirror-like surfaces and frosty devices gives this proof ultra-cameo...

2009 $20 Ultra High Relief MS70 PL
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2009 $20 Ultra High Relief MS70 PL Authentic Signature / Anna Cabral The 2009 $20 Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief gold coin is one the most iconic coins ever struck at the United States Mint. It's a coin that put the United States Mint's talents on display for not only the Nation but the entire world. This coin's unique ultra high relief strike and sheer beauty have made it one of the most beloved gold coins by collectors worldwide. Today, out of the 114,427 Ultra High Relief Double Eagles...

2018 1 oz Silver Eagle MS70 First Day of Issue
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You don't see these very often! Last year NGC introduced a limited edition Silver Foil core holder and they are incredible. The holder is as reflective as a Proof coin and is an instant head turner when people see it for the first time. We have been fortunate enough to locate a very small group of the 2018 Silver Eagles MS 70 FIRST DAY OF ISSUES in these very elusive holders. The Population on these First Day of Issue Silver coins  is very low. These will sell out.

2019 P 5 oz Apollo 11 50th Ann Proof Silver $1 NGC PF70 ER
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**** SOLD OUT ****2019 5oz Silver Apollo 11 50th Anniversary NGC PROOF 70 Early Releases in the LIMITED EDITION Black Core holder signed by former U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral.The FIRST 5oz $1 Silver Commemorative EVER STRUCK! These coins went on back-order at the US Mint in a matter of minutes!Hand-signed by former U.S. Treasurer of the United States Anna Cabral. She is the newest signer for the NGC Signature Series program and is the highest appointed official to ever sign certification labels...