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    The 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle is the king of the Silver Eagle series and one of the most coveted and important of all modern U.S. coins. It’s a coin that is always in high demand and premium quality examples (coins without spots and toning) can be very elusive. Even after months of extensive searching we were only able to locate a very small quantity of premium quality examples that meet or surpassed our stringent standards. Don't be fooled by cheaper 1995-W Silver Eagles you find on the internet. More times than not these coins are spotted or have hairlines that significantly reduce their value. We are very picky to say the least when it comes these coins and we guarantee you will receive a choice premium quality example!

    The History of the 1995-W Silver Eagle

    The 1995-W was only offered as a bonus coin in a special 10th anniversary set. The set included a $5, $10, $25, and a $50 Proof Gold Eagle from 1995. All customers had to do was indicate that they wanted to receive the free coin on their order form and they would receive the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle.

    This was the very first time a Proof Silver Eagle was struck with the W mintmark. All other Proof Silver Eagles were struck in either San Francisco or Philadelphia.

    The 10th Anniversary Set was priced at just $999 each. Today, the value of the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle exceeds the value of all four Proof Gold Eagles included in the 10th Anniversary set combined.

    The 1995-W Silver Eagle has the lowest mintage in the entire Silver Eagle series. Its small mintage of just 30,125 coins is dwarfed by every other Proof Silver Eagle in the series. In fact, it is 12 times rarer than the second lowest minted Proof Silver Eagle and almost 120 times rarer than the lowest minted Mint State Silver Eagle.

    The Proof Silver Eagle series is one of the most popular and widely collected coin series in the United States and to say the 1995-W is the “key” to that series is a tremendous understatement. By any measure, the Proof Silver Eagle program is more popular today than at any point in its past, which only continues to bolster demand for this king rarity.

    A Solid Value For Our Clients:

    Today, we have a very limited quantity of hand-selected 1995-W Proof Silver Eagles certified by NGC in near-flawless PF69 grade. The best part is, thanks to months of hard work, we were able to source these coins for about 20% less than our typical buy price.

    The great Warren Buffet said, "Whether we're talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it's marked down."

    This is one of the few opportunities you’ll ever have to buy such an important coin at a discount. It may have taken us many months to locate a deal of this magnitude, but it will be one of our quickest sell outs in our 15 year history.

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