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.2416 oz
.900 Fine Gold

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    The popular $5 Indian Head Half Eagle Coin certified by one of the top two grading services (NGC or PCGS) in Brilliant Uncirculated MS 61 condition.

    Dates of our choice (between 1908-1916).

    President Roosevelt took a keen interest in the design of currency issued during his tern in office. When Dr. William S. Bigelow proposed sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, to design a new issue of $2.50 and $5 gold pieces, Roosevelt readily agreed. The new designs broke completely with past tradition of raised relief coins. Pratt, recommended the new gold coins be “incuse” with designs recessed into the metal rather than raised. The new obverse on the $2.50 and $5 gold coin featured an Indian Chief in a full-feathered headdress with the word “Liberty” and 13 starts around him and the date underneath. On the reverse, Pratt designed a beautiful, bald standing Eagle with the denomination and the standard legends of American currency.

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