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    Many collectors seek out the 1904-O Morgan Silver Dollar because it has the unique characteristic of being the last Silver Dollar struck at the New Orleans Mint. What many collectors do not know is that only a fraction of the original mintage was released into circulation. The majority of the coins were locked away in storage vaults in New Orleans. In fact, for many decades the 1904-O Silver Dollar was an almost-never-seen coin and was one of the most valuable Morgan Silver Dollars in the entire series.

    The coins that remain today survived the Great Silver Meltdown of 1918 when 270 million Morgan Silver Dollars were melted for their silver content, as an effort by the United States Government to finance World War I. More than likely, the brilliant uncirculated coins that collectors hold today were once part of the original mintage that was stored away in New Orleans vaults for decades and eventually released by the Treasury in the 1960s.

    Each coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition grade MS-64 by NGC, one of the top two grading services in the industry. All coins are hand-selected by our chief numismatist to insure our clients receive the choicest sight-seen examples on the open market. Only about 3% of the original mintage of Morgan Silver Dollars struck at New Orleans in 1904 have survived today in MS-64 grades.

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