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    Mintage of only 37,047 and only around 500 coins known today in all grades!

    The 1899-O $10 Gold Liberty is one of my favorite gold liberties struck at the New Orleans Mint. It's a turn of century coin that is extremely scarce. In fact, its the scarcest post-1883 New Orleans Eagle issue as only 37,047 coins were originally struck and just over 500 coins are known to have survived today in all grades.

    Most collectors of New Orleans Eagles start by putting together what is known as a "Short Set" of New Orleans Eagles. These are the New Orleans Eagles struck from 1888 to 1906. The 1899-O is the key date coin in this set as it is easily the hardest coin for collectors to acquire in any grade.

    Key date coins are important to own because they are seldom seen in the market and are the key coins to finishing a set and thus always have strong collector appeal. Demand for these types of coins is always strong and prices tend to consistently move up even in down markets.

    It has taken us a long time to find a group of New Orleans gold like this. Each coin in this group is very choice with uniform patina and certified in Choice About Uncirculated AU-55 condition.

    Very few coins in U.S. numismatics offer such history and rarity at such an affordable price point. In my opinion, there is not another U.S. gold coin under $2,000 that offers so much collector appeal. Our last group of New Orleans gold sold out quick, and I expect the same here as our supply is extremely limited.

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