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1843-O $5 Small Letters Gold Liberty
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There are two different varieties of the half eagles struck at the New Orleans Mint in 1843. The first is the Small Letter variety that used leftover reverse dies of the 1842. It is by far the rarest of the two varieties, and it has an estimated mintage of just 19,075 coins. Today, there are just 100 to 150 coins known in all grades. The 1843-O SL half eagle is most frequently found in VF to XF grades and locating one in AU grades can be quite challenging. NGC and PCGS combined have only...

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This is a very affordable pre-Civil War New Orleans No Motto Eagle. Its a perfect starter coin to the No Motto Eagle set from New Orleans. This coin is 35x rarer than the most common $10 coin struck as only 1,642 coins are known in all grades.

1850-O $10 Gold Liberty
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The 1850-O, like other no motto New Orleans eagles, has an extremely low survival rate. Less than 400 coins have been certified by NGC and PCGS in all grades. The 1850-O eagle is usually found in circulated condition and becomes very scarce to locate in AU-50 to AU-53 grades and very rare in AU-55 to AU-58 grades. Only 5 coins have been certified in Uncirculated grades. In AU53 condition there are only 40 coins that have been certified. NGC has certified just 28 examples of this date in AU53. ...

1893-O $10 Gold Liberty
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This coin is housed in an original old green holder from PCGS. Only 17,000 coins originally minted and just 17 known in this grade. Mintage 17,000 Total Known 925 Pop 17

1894-O $10 Gold Liberty Proof-Like
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Business strike gold coins are usually frosty or satiny in texture. Occasionally a group of coins are struck from newly-pollished dies and they show reflective surfaces. These coins are termed as Proof-Like coins by collectors. Proof-Like New Orleans eagles are extremely rare. In fact, of the 107,500 coins originally struck in 1894, only 12 coins have been designated as having proof-like surfaces. In AU58 PL this is just one of two coins known. A Proof-Like 1894-O eagle has not appeared in an...

1900 $20 Gold Liberty A+
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Coming across a STAR graded $20 Liberty is something that doesn't happen often. In total, NGC has certified over 54,000 1900 $20 Gold Liberties, and just 14 coins have received a STAR designation. In MS 62 grade there are only 2 examples known. NGC only gives a STAR designation to coins that have exceptional eye-appeal. This particular coin is certainly no exception with its brilliant Proof-Like surfaces. Today's market is obsessed with quality and eye-appeal, and the coins that fit into this...

2008 $25 Gold Eagle
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Mint Error coins are highly desirable in the coin collecting world. Especially those coins with large errors such as this that somehow made it past quality control at the U.S. Mint.This coin is an "Obverse Struck Thru" Mint Error. This means that some a foreign object made its way between the planchet and the die as they were striking the coin.With today's modern coin minting technology, large mint errors such as the one found on this 2008 $25 Gold Eagle are quite rare. ...